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Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale
For more information about the instrument see Aliaga et al., 2012. Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale.
Exploratory: Chiari I Malformation (CM)
Short Description of Instrument
The Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale (CCOS) was developed to provide to researchers with quantifiable measure of Chiari Malformation(CM) outcomes after Chairi surgery.
The CCOS uses 4 postoperative outcome categories:(pain, nonpain symptoms, functionality, and complications graded 1 to 4.
Comments/Special Instructions
Three items compare the change in 1) pain, 2) non-pain related symptoms, and 3) functionality between before and after surgery. One item measures severity of surgical complications.
Maximal score of 16: 4 category scale with 4 points per item.
Higher scores indicate improvements; while lower scores indicate unchanged or worse improvement.
A recently developed system for assessing pain and function of Chiari patients.
Key Reference:
Aliaga L, Hekman KE, Yassari R, Straus D, Luther G, Chen J Sampat A, Frim D. A novel scoring system for assessing Chiari malformation type I treatment outcomes.
Neurosurg. 2012;70(3):656-664; discussion 664-665.
Additional References:
Hekman KE, Aliaga L, Straus D, Luther A, Chen J, Sampat A, Frim D. Positive and negative predictors for good outcome after decompressive surgery for Chiari malformation type 1 as scored on the Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale. Neurol Res. 2012;34(7):694-700.
Yarbrough CK, Greenberg JK, Smyth MD, Leonard JR, Park TS, Limbrick DD, Jr. External validation of the Chicago Chiari Outcome Scale. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2014;13(6):679-684.


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