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Child Health and Illness Profile (CHIP-CE)
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: Child Health and Illness Profile
Exploratory: Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Short Description of Instrument
This tool is designed to gather childrens' and parents' self reports regarding their health. The final CHIP-CE/CRF includes 5 domains: Satisfaction (with self and health), Comfort (emotional and physical symptoms and limitations), Resilience (positive activities that promote health), Risk Avoidance (risky behaviors that influence future health), and Achievement (of social expectations in school and with peers).
Comments/Special Instructions
Well children aged 6–17 years; has been administered in hospital waiting rooms.
Children report symptoms and signs of illness and of well-being, health-related behaviors, problem behavior, school performance, and involvement with family and peers. The majority of items assess frequency of events, typically over the past 4 weeks, using a five-point response format. Items on the Child Report Form (CRF) are illustrated with cartoon-type characters 'anchoring' the ends of each set of five graduated-circle responses. The scenes feature a race, age, and gender neutral character.
Internal consistency reliability was good to excellent, also construct validity as were convergent and discriminant validity.
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