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Assessment of Preschool Children's Participation (APCP)
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: CanChild_Centre for Childhood Disability Research.
Supplemental: Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Short Description of Instrument
This test was designed to measure participation of pre-school children ages 2–5 years 11 months in areas of play, skill development, active physical recreation, and social activities; assessment of restricted participation and identification of areas of activity may assist with intervention planning.
Comments/Special Instructions
Internal consistency was moderate to good (.73–.85) for diversity scores and .52–.70 for intensity across the four domains (Law et al., 2012). Construct validity was demonstrated through associations with age, activity level, gross motor functional level and range of activities/frequency of participation (Law et al., 2012). The APCP with GMFM-66 and WeeFIM had fair to excellent concurrent validity (r=0.39–0.85) and predictive validity (r=0.46–0.82) (Chen et al., 2013).
Two scores are generated: participation diversity (total number of activities in which a child participates) and participation intensity (average amount of time child spends doing activities in each domain). There are 4 domains; play, skill development, active physical recreation, and social activities. Parent rates activities on a scale of 1–7 to show how often a child participated in the last 4 months.
Although not specific for CP it has been widely used and is considered a thorough measure of different aspects of participation. This is the preschool version of the CAPE (King et al., 2004).
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