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Beck Youth Inventories - 2nd Edition (BYI-II)
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Supplemental: Spinal Cord Inventory (SCI)-Pediatric
Short Description of Instrument
This instrument, published in 2005, is used to evaluate children's and adolescent's emotional and social impairment. Inventories may be used individually to isolate specific aspects of a child's mental health.
Age Range: 7-18 years
Time to complete:
5 minutes per inventory (5 inventories of 20 questions each); 30-60 minutes for total instrument
Number of items: 100
Disruptive Behavior
Uses a 4-point Likert scale from 0 (never) to 3 (always)
Requires a doctorate in psychology, education or a related field with training in the BYI-II.
Steer RA, Kumar G, Beck AT, Beck JS. Dimensionality of the Beck Youth Inventories With Child Psychiatric Outpatients. J Psychopath Behav Assess. 2005;27(2):123-131.
Steer RA, Kumar G, Beck JS, Beck AT. Evidence for the construct validities of the Beck Youth Inventories with child psychiatric outpatients. Psychol Rep. 2001;89(3):559-565.


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