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Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised (SIB-R)

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Short Description of Instrument

The SIB-R provides information on developmental level and ability to function independently at home and in the community. Parents rate their children on several critical developmental domains including motor skills, social interaction, communication skills, personal living skills, and community living skills.
Each SIB-R adaptive behavior item is a statement of a task, and the behavior is rated on a 4-point scale (0-never or rarely performs the task (even if asked); 1-does the task but not well or about 25 percent of the time (may need to be asked); 2-does the task fairly well or about 75 percent of the time (may need to be asked); 3-does the task very well always or almost always (without being asked)
Primary Dependent Measure: The Broad Independence standard score (M = 100Secondary Dependent Measures: Standard scores for each of the adaptive domains (i.e., Motor Skills, Social/Communication Skills, Personal Living, Community Living; mean = 100, SD = 15),
Time: 20 minutes for Full Scale (rating scale, not interview format) 10 minutes for Short Form
Vendor: Riverside Publishing, 3800 Golf Road, Suite 100, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Epilepsy Specific Information:
Although research does not clearly point to one scale over others for assessing adaptive behavior, the Scales of Independent Behavior- Revised (SIB-R) is recommended because of its ease of use (can be administered in questionnaire format rather than via interview) and availability of a short form.

Document last updated June 2019