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Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life Scale (PDQUALIF)
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: Parkinsons Disease Quality of Life Scale.
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Short Description of Instrument
The Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life Scale (PDQUALIF) is a (Parkinson's) disease specific health related quality of life questionnaire. The 33 item patient self report instrument has 32 domain specific items and 1 global item. The 7 subscales measure social/role function (9) self image/sexuality (7), sleep (3), outlook (4), physical function (5), Independence (2) and urinary function (2).
Subscale scores are created by transforming raw scores to a 0 to 100 measurement scale by summing the items within a subscale, dividing by the maximum possible total score for that subscale, and multiplying by 100, with lower scores indicating a better quality of life. A total score for the scale was computed by taking an un-weighted average of the individual subscale scores.
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