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Headache Impact Test-6 (HIT-6)

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Supplemental—Highly Recommended for Headache.
Short Description of Instrument
The Headache Impact TestTM (HIT-6TM) is a tool that measures the impact headaches have on a person's ability to function on the job, at home, at school, and in social situations. The test was developed by an international team of headache experts from neurology and primary care medicine in collaboration with the psychometricians who developed the SF-36TM health assessment tool.
The HIT builds on previous work by pooling items from 4 existing measurement instruments: Migraine Specific Questionnaire (MSQ), Headache Disability Inventory (HDI), Headache Impact Questionnaire (HIMQ), and Migraine Disability Assessment Score (MIDAS).
Items cover a broader spectrum of health outcomes than any of the original scales, ranging from pain to emotional distress. The HIT-6 is a static, short-form version of the HIT for paper-and pencil administration. The recall period for this assessment is 4 weeks.

Scores from the six questions are added to create a total score that helps you better describe the impact of headache on your life.

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