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Patient Reported Impact of Multiple Sclerosis (PRIMuS)
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Supplemental: Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Short Description of Instrument
Construct measured: Quality of life and activity limitations
Generic vs. disease specific: Disease specific
Means of administration: Self-Administered
Intended respondent: Patient
# of items: N/A
# of subscales and names of sub-scales: N/A
# of items per sub-scale: N/A
Comments/Special Instructions
Scoring: Results are summarized according to 3 domains: symptoms, activity and quality of life.PRIMUS QoL is scored 0-22. PRIMUS Activities is scored 0-30.
Background:The PRIMUS is a Multiple Sclerosis (MS)-specific suite of outcome measures including assessments of QoL and activity limitations.
Strengths/ Weaknesses: Scale attempts to measure the 'holistic' impact of MS and not just impairment or disability. Content derived from interviews of MS patients and items are expressed in the words of patients.
Psychometric Properties: The anchor-based and distribution- based RD estimates were PRIMUS Activities range = 1.2-2.3, PRIMUS QoL range = 1.0-2.2, and U-FIS range = 2.4-7.0. Cronbach's alpha coefficients for the scales were PRIMUS Activities 0 .88, PRIMUS QoL 0 .92.
Administration: Time varies depending on selection.
Doward LC, McKenna SP, Meads DM, Twiss J, Eckert BJ. The development of patient-reported outcome indices for multiple sclerosis (PRIMUS). Mult Scler.2009;15(9):1092-1102.
McKenna SP, Doward LC, Twiss J, Hagell P, Oprandi NC, Fisk J, Grand'Maison F, Bhan V, Arbizu T, Brassat D, Kohlmann T, Meads DM, Eckert BJ. International development of the patient-reported outcome indices for multiple sclerosis (PRIMUS). Value Health. 2010;13(8):946-951.