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Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: EuroQoL-VAS
Supplemental: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Short Description of Instrument
Construct measured: Health-related quality of life
Generic vs. disease specific: Generic
Means of administration: Self-Administered
Intended respondent: Patient
# of items: 1
# of subscales and names of sub-scales: N/A
# of items per sub-scale: N/A
Comments/Special Instructions
Scoring: The respondent rates his/her health state by drawing a line from the  box marked "Your health state today" to the appropriate point on the EQ-VAS. A three-digit number between 000 and 100 is read off the scale, from the exact point where the line crosses the scale, for example, 046 or 069. Missing response is coded as '999', ambiguous response is coded as '888'.
Background: The EQ-VAS generates a self-rating of health-related quality of life. It should be used with the 5-digit health state classification to build a composite picture of the respondent's health status. The EQ-VAS is included in the EQ-5D and is the final page of that measure. EQ-VAS records the respondent's self-rated health on a vertical, visual analogue scale where the endpoints are labelled 'Best imaginable health state' and 'Worst imaginable health state'. This information can be used as a quantitative measure of health outcome as judged by the individual respondents.
Strengths/ Weaknesses: If the line does not cross the scale, the value horizontally opposite where the line stops should be taken and not where it would be if hypothetically extended. It is important to ensure that the respondent is not prompted in any way by the administrator and that it is the respondent's own rating of health-related quality of life that is being recorded.
Administration: The EQ-VAS is a self complete paper instrument. Although it was primarily designed as a pen-and-paper self-complete instrument, it is now available in alternative formats and modes of administration such as tablet and web-based versions, PDA version, IVR, proxy versions and telephone and face-to- face interviews.
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