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Scales for Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease-Psychosocial (SCOPA-PS)
Please email the author for information about obtaining the instrument: Dr. Johan Marinus,
Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Short Description of Instrument
The Scales for Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease-Psychosocial (SCOPA-PS) is an 11-question psychosocial questionnaire that is designed to measure psychosocial adjustment in patients with Parkinson's Disease.
Scoring and Psychometric Properties
Scoring: Items are ranked from 0 (not at all) to 3 (very much). The summary index is calculated by transformation of the sum of the individual item scores to a percentage of the maximum possible score (higher scores indicate worse psychosocial functioning).
Psychometric Properties: Face validity and internal consistency are good. Test-retest reliability, convergent validity and responsiveness are satisfactory. The scale has no floor of ceiling effects. Factor analyses show a single or 2 dimensions.
Strengths: The scale is in the public domain and has been translated and validated in several languages. The scale has been recently used in published studies of the effects of cognitive impairment, deep brain stimulation (DBS), and multidisciplinary care.
Weaknesses: The scale is designed to measure psychosocial adjustment, rather than health-related quality of life.
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