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Scales for Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease-Cognitive (SCOPA-COG)
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: Scales for Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease-Cognitive.
Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Short Description of Instrument
Construct measured: Cognition (specific for four domains: memory, attention, Executive function and visuospatial)
Generic vs. disease specific: Designed specific to Parkinson's disease Means of administration: Rater administered paper and pencil Intended respondent (e.g., patient, caregiver, etc): Patient
This scale was developed specifically to assess selected aspects of cognitive function in PD. It is not designed as a screening (diagnostic) scale. It can be used to screen cognitive function, but not to assign group membership. The scale is in widespread use for clinical studies in PD. Assesses only four domains: memory, attention, executive function and visuospatial.
Memory tests: verbal and visual memory, immediate and delayed recall. Attention tests: counting backwards and reciting months backwards.
Executive function tests: motor planning, semantic fluency and set shifting.
Visuospatial is tested with figure assembly.
Scoring: 4 points attention; 22 points memory; 12 points executive function; 5 points visuospatial.
Maximum = 43. Higher = better cognition
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