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The CDE Catalog is a directory of the available NINDS CDEs. Users can search the Catalog to isolate a subset of the CDEs (e.g., all stroke-specific CDEs, etc.), and to view and download details about the CDEs.

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For best results, clear form between searches. In addition, when specifying NeuroRehab, Sport-Related Concussion (SRC) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as the Disease, please select a Subdisease as well.

NeuroRehab Comprehensive includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations. NeuroRehab General includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations that are not disease specific. All other NeuroRehab Subdiseases include recommendations specific to existing NINDS CDE project disorders.

Choose your Time Frame for your SRC study (Acute (time of injury until 72 hours), Subacute (after 72 hours to 3 months), and Persistent/Chronic (3 months and greater post-concussion) or Comprehensive if your study falls across the study time frames.

Choose your type of TBI study (Acute Hospitalized, Concussion/Mild TBI, Moderate/Severe TBI: Rehabilitation, or Epidemiology) or Comprehensive if your study falls outside of the study types or incorporates aspects of more than one type of study.

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CDE ID CDE Name Definition Classification CRF Name Copyrighted or trademarked Disease Name Subdisease Name
C58956 Anti diabetic agent stroke discharge prescribe type

Type(s) of anti-diabetic agents prescribed at discharge following stroke

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Antithrombotics and Risk Factor Controlling Medications Stroke Stroke
C14402 Intra-arterial (IA) procedure type

If intra-arterial (IA) procedure was initiated, describes the type of intra-arterial (IA) procedure performed on participant/ subject at this hospital

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Thrombolytic/Reperfusion Therapies Stroke Stroke
C01002 Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) - verbal response scale

Score that describes the participant's verbal response according to the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Pre-Hospital/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Course Stroke Stroke
C20529 European Quality of Life Five Dimension Five Level Scale (EQ-5D-5L) - Usual activities category

Category determining the extent to which the participants has problems with usual activities (e.g. work, study, housework, family or leisure activities), as part of the European Quality of Life Five Dimension Five Level Scale (EQ-5D-5L)

Supplemental-Highly Recommended EuroQoL-5 Dimension Questionnaire (EQ-5D) Stroke Stroke
C54889 Intervention surgical status

Status of surgical intervention

Supplemental-Highly Recommended SAH Surgical/Procedural Interventions Stroke Stroke
C11079 Neonate delivery route type

Route of delivery of the neonate

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Pregnancy and Perinatal History Stroke Stroke
C02494 Imaging study date and time

Date (and time, if applicable and known) the radiologic study was obtained

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C01535 Respiratory rate

Rate of the participant's breathing (inhalation and exhalation)

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Vital Signs Stroke Stroke
C13908 Imaging echo pattern result

Indicates echo pattern

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Vessel Carotid Ultrasound Stroke Stroke
C12604 APGAR one minute score

Score of a newborn recorded at one minute from the time of birth and expressed as a number quantifying the overall physical condition, which includes heart rate, muscle tone, respiratory effort, color, and reflex responsiveness

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Pregnancy and Perinatal History Stroke Stroke
C07438 Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) - Movement speech impairment score

Score of how much the subject has been suffering with moving or speaking too slowly in the past two weeks, as part of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ)

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Patient Health Questionnaire - 9 (PHQ-9) Depression Scale Stroke Stroke
C13916 Imaging color flow angle measurement

Indicates color flow angle (degrees)

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Vessel Carotid Ultrasound Stroke Stroke
C15624 Pregnancy indicator

Indicates if the participant/subject is currently pregnant

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Medical History Stroke Stroke
C58895 Clinical stroke tissue based ischemic stroke laterality type

Indicate the laterality of the ischemic stroke

Supplemental Stroke Types and Subtypes Stroke Stroke
C58822 Imaging acute infarcts count category

The number of acute infarct(s)

Supplemental Parenchymal Imaging Stroke Stroke
C14290 Location post-acute stroke discharge type

Indicates the participant's/subject's location of acute hospital discharge for the index stroke/transient ischemic attack (TIA)

Supplemental Rehabilitation Therapies Stroke Stroke
C02488 Vascular dissection extent type

Extent of the vascular dissection

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C58946 Regular moderate intense aerobic exercise physical activity days week number

Number of days per typical week that the participant/subject engages in at least moderate-intensity aerobic exercise physical activities. Moderate-intensity physical activities cause small increases in breathing or heart rate and are done for at least 10 minutes continuously

Supplemental Behavioral History Stroke Stroke
C14235 Atherosclerosis small vessel disease cardiac source other cause (ASCO) system - sub type

Stroke Subtype as defined by the A-S-C-O pattern (e.g., A1-S3-C1-O3)

Supplemental Stroke Types and Subtypes Stroke Stroke
C59010 Postpartum period current status

Status of the participant/subject in the postpartum period currently

Supplemental Medical History Stroke Stroke
C12851 Cardiac MRI left ventricle noncompaction position anatomic site

Anatomic site or position on the left ventric le of any non-compaction observed by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Supplemental Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Stroke Stroke
C54265 Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS) - Subtest type

Subtest type, as part of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS)

Supplemental Repeatable Battery for Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS) Stroke Stroke
C18886 Stroke Adjudication Worksheet - ischemic infarction hemorrhagic transformation anatomic other text

The free-text field related to 'Stroke Adjudication Worksheet - ischemic infarction hemorrhagic transformation anatomic site' specifying other text. The anatomic location(s) of the hemorrhagic transformation during ischemic infarction

Supplemental Stroke Adjudication Form Stroke Stroke
C12897 Echocardiogram right ventricle end diastolic volume measurement

Measurement of imaged right ventricular blood pool capacity within the endocardial surface in a gated scan during the time of diastole

Supplemental Echocardiogram II Stroke Stroke
C04510 ECG QRS duration

Duration in milliseconds (msec) of the QRS complex for the electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) being recorded

Supplemental Electrocardiogram (ECG) Stroke Stroke
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