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The CDE Catalog is a directory of the available NINDS CDEs. Users can search the Catalog to isolate a subset of the CDEs (e.g., all stroke-specific CDEs, etc.), and to view and download details about the CDEs.

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CDE ID CDE Name Definition Classification CRF Name Copyrighted or trademarked Disease Name Sub Disease Name
C58900 Imaging aneurysm oscillatory shear stress mean value unit of measure

Unit of measure of the value of the mean oscillatory shear stress of the aneurysm, as determined from imaging

Exploratory Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C58782 Race expanded maternal category

Category of race(s) or region(s) the participant/subject's mother most closely identifies with

Exploratory Demographics Stroke Stroke
C17473 Cardiovascular history cardiac surgery date

Date of most recent cardiac surgery or mechanical intervention performed on the participant/subject

Exploratory Medical History Stroke Stroke
C58935 Facial segmental hemangioma PHACE syndrome indicator

The indicator related to whether the participant/subject has facial segmental hemangioma/PHACE syndrome

Exploratory Medical History Stroke Stroke
C13948 Imaging mean blood velocity measurement

Indicates mean velocity measurement (cm/sec) of blood

Exploratory Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C14199 Stroke complication of medical/ surgical procedure or therapy likelihood type

Was stroke a complication of medical or surgical procedure or therapy? This element attempts to capture if the stroke event was related to a medical or surgical procedure/ therapy the patient recently received (e.g., multifocal emboli after cardiac bypass surgery).

Exploratory Hospital Arrival/Admission Stroke Stroke
C18827 Gastrointestinal therapy nutrition supplement other text

The free-text field related to 'Gastrointestinal therapy nutrition supplement type' specifying other text. Type(s) of nutritional supplement(s) being taken by the participant/subject

Exploratory Prior and Concomitant Medications Stroke Stroke
C19482 Paid work hour week count

The number of hours per week in paid work.

Exploratory Social Status Stroke Stroke
C18678 Family history medical condition other text

The free-text field related to 'Family history medical condition type' specifying other text. Type of medical condition or health related event for which the family history is taken

Exploratory Family History Stroke Stroke
C58885 Supportive medical equipment type

If the participant/ subject was provided with any supportive medical equipment, describes the type(s) of equipment received.

Exploratory Rehabilitation Therapies Stroke Stroke
C55345 Microdialysis cerebral probe number

The number of probes used for cerebral microdialysis specimens

Exploratory Biospecimen Collection and Processing Stroke Stroke
C54760 Imaging aneurysm 3D reconstruct indicator

Indicator of whether a three-dimensional reconstruction of the aneurysm was produced via imaging

Exploratory Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C52603 Medical history migraine active last year indicator

The indicator related to the participant/subject having had an active migraine within the last year

Exploratory Medical History Stroke Stroke
C59000 Medication L-asparaginase current former take indicator

The indicator relating to whether the subject/participant has formerly or currently taken L-asparaginase

Exploratory Prior and Concomitant Medications Stroke Stroke
C07390 PTSD Checklist Civilian (PCL-C) - Super alert indicator

Indicator of whether the subject experiences being "super-alert" or watchful or on guard, as part of PTSD Checklist Civilian (PCL-C).

Exploratory PTSD Checklist - Civilian (PCL-C) Stroke Stroke
C13517 Hand function findings result

Assess hand function on the affected side using the Orgogozo Stroke Scale

Exploratory Physical/Neurological Exam Stroke Stroke
C18862 Death location other text

The free-text field related to 'Death location type' specifying other text. Type of location where the participant/subject died

Exploratory Death Stroke Stroke
C13478 Stroke Adjudication Worksheet - stroke TIA other symptoms type

The type of other identified cause(s) of ischemic stroke.

Supplemental Stroke Adjudication Form Stroke Stroke
C20335 Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended (GOS-E) - Respondent type

Person responding to the Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended (GOSE)

Supplemental Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended (GOSE) Stroke Stroke
C14252 Subarachnoid hemorrhage suprasellar cistern score

SAH Volume Scale (Hijdra) - Suprasellar cistern left score

Supplemental Stroke Types and Subtypes Stroke Stroke
C13839 Hijdra scale value

Indicates Hijdra scale - value

Supplemental Parenchymal Imaging Stroke Stroke
C52604 Medical history carotid endarterectomy anatomic site

The element related to the location of a carotid endarterectomy the participant/subject has had

Supplemental Medical History Stroke Stroke
C58850 Physical activity increase intervention type

If the participant/subject received recommendations to increase physical activity, describes the type(s) of interventions received.

Supplemental Lifestyle Modification Therapies Stroke Stroke
C01710 Pregnancy test qualitative result value

Result of the pregnancy test

Supplemental Laboratory Tests Stroke Stroke
C14188 Neonatal level of consciousness type

Type of abnormal level of consciousness of the neonate

Supplemental Assessment of Transient Neurologic Deficits Resolved Prior to Presentation Stroke Stroke
Displaying 151 - 175 of 1886

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