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The CDE Catalog is a directory of the available NINDS CDEs. Users can search the Catalog to isolate a subset of the CDEs (e.g., all stroke-specific CDEs, etc.), and to view and download details about the CDEs.

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For best results, clear form between searches. In addition, when specifying NeuroRehab, Sport-Related Concussion (SRC) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as the Disease, please select a Subdisease as well.

NeuroRehab Comprehensive includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations. NeuroRehab General includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations that are not disease specific. All other NeuroRehab Subdiseases include recommendations specific to existing NINDS CDE project disorders.

Choose your Time Frame for your SRC study (Acute (time of injury until 72 hours), Subacute (after 72 hours to 3 months), and Persistent/Chronic (3 months and greater post-concussion) or Comprehensive if your study falls across the study time frames.

Choose your type of TBI study (Acute Hospitalized, Concussion/Mild TBI, Moderate/Severe TBI: Rehabilitation, or Epidemiology) or Comprehensive if your study falls outside of the study types or incorporates aspects of more than one type of study.

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CDE ID CDE Name Definition Classification CRF Name Copyrighted or trademarked Disease Name Subdisease Name
C14020 Sickle cell disease vessel anatomic site

Indicates sickle cell vessel

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Transcranial Stroke Stroke
C07104 Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D) - loneliness indicator

Indicates how often the subject felt lonely in the past week, as part of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D)

Supplemental Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D) Stroke Stroke
C54908 Blood vessel rupture surgery procedure evidence indicator

Indicator of whether there is evidence of blood vessel rupture during surgery or other procedure

Supplemental SAH Surgical/Procedural Interventions Stroke Stroke
C58862 Contraceptive hormone replacement treatment counsel indicator

Indicates if counseling relating to contraceptive/hormone replacement treatment was provided at discharge. The intervention can be discussion or use of alternate treatment or approaches

Supplemental Lifestyle Modification Therapies Stroke Stroke
C13882 Magnetic resonance angiography type

The type as related to magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C58991 Medication hormone replacement therapy route type

Type of administration route for the hormone replacement therapy medication taken by the subject/participant within the past week

Supplemental Prior and Concomitant Medications Stroke Stroke
C13807 Imaging magnetic resonance imaging leukoariaiosis volumetric measurement

Indicates MRI volumetric measure (cc)

Supplemental Parenchymal Imaging Stroke Stroke
C21668 ICD-10-CM code

Code from the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) for the selected surgical procedure

Supplemental Stroke Surgical and Procedural Interventions Stroke Stroke
C01558 Partial pressure oxygen brain tissue measurement

Measurement of how much oxygen is dissolved in the brain tissue (PbtO2)

Supplemental Vital Signs Stroke Stroke
C13914 Imaging plaque residual lumen result

Indicates plaque residual lumen

Supplemental Vessel Carotid Ultrasound Stroke Stroke
C58279 Residence current occupy duration text

Text field for indicating the duration for which the subject/participant has occupied his/her current residence

Supplemental Pre-Hospital/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Course Stroke Stroke
C02494 Imaging study date and time

Date (and time, if applicable and known) the radiologic study was obtained

Supplemental Parenchymal Imaging Stroke Stroke
C10541 Diabetes treatment type

Type of treatment the participant/subject is receiving or has received for diabetes mellitus

Supplemental Medical History Stroke Stroke
C10677 ZIP partial code

First three digits of the zip code where the participant/subject currently lives

Supplemental Demographics Stroke Stroke
C14032 Vasospasm severity grade

Indicates severity of vasospasm

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Transcranial Stroke Stroke
C10723 Echocardiogram completed indicator

Whether an echocardiogram was performed on the participant/subject

Supplemental Echocardiogram Stroke Stroke
C13245 National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) - severity total score

The level of stroke severity as measured by the NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) scoring system (i.e., total of the subscale item scores)

Supplemental Aneurysm Location and Dimensions Stroke Stroke
C14284 Resource Utilization Group Version IV (RUG IV) - alpha-numeric code

Indicates the Resource Utilization Group Version IV (RUG IV). Medicare pays skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) under a Prospective Payment System (PPS). PPS payments are per diem rates based on the patient's condition as determined by classification into a specific Resource Utilization Group (RUG). This classification is done by the use of a clinical assessment tool, the Minimum Data Set (MDS) and is required to be performed periodically according to an established schedule for purposes of Medicare payment. Each MDS represents the patient's clinical status based on an assessment reference date and established look back periods for the covered days associated with that MDS

Supplemental Rehabilitation Therapies Stroke Stroke
C53900 Stroop Color and Word Test (SCW) - Color raw score

Score (raw) of the color test, as part of the Stroop Color and Word Test (SCW)

Supplemental Stroop Test Stroke Stroke
C13944 Imaging color flow indicator

Indicates color flow

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Transcranial Stroke Stroke
C13897 Imaging vessel angiography collateral status anatomic site

Indicates vessel angiography collateral status location

Supplemental Vessel Imaging Angiography Stroke Stroke
C58731 Occupation primary after event status

The status indicating the participant's/subject's primary occupational status after the event

Supplemental Return to Work Stroke Stroke
C13815 Hematoma lobar region anatomic site

The site of hematoma, a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels, in a lobar region

Supplemental Parenchymal Imaging Stroke Stroke
C58790 Intracranial revascularization procedure other text

The free-text field related to 'Intracranial revascularization procedure type' specifying other text. Type of intracranial revascularization procedure received by the participant/subject

Supplemental Stroke Surgical and Procedural Interventions Stroke Stroke
C54050 D-KEFS Color-Word Interference Test (CWIT) -Total Self-corrected Errors Count

Count of total self-corrected errors, as part of Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) Color-Word Interference Test (CWIT)

Supplemental Color-Word Interference Test Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) Stroke Stroke
Displaying 251 - 275 of 1542

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