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The CDE Catalog is a directory of the available NINDS CDEs. Users can search the Catalog to isolate a subset of the CDEs (e.g., all stroke-specific CDEs, etc.), and to view and download details about the CDEs.

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NeuroRehab Comprehensive includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations. NeuroRehab General includes all NeuroRehab CDE recommendations that are not disease specific. All other NeuroRehab Subdiseases include recommendations specific to existing NINDS CDE project disorders.

Choose your Time Frame for your SRC study (Acute (time of injury until 72 hours), Subacute (after 72 hours to 3 months), and Persistent/Chronic (3 months and greater post-concussion) or Comprehensive if your study falls across the study time frames.

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CDE ID CDE Name Definition Classification CRF Name Copyrighted or trademarked Disease Name Subdisease Name
C12214 Gastrointestinal therapy continuous feed end time

Time of day that the participant/subject's continuous feeding is normally ended

Supplemental Gastrointestinal Therapies Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C10932 Imaging lesion found indicator

Indicator of whether lesions are found within the imaging study

Supplemental Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C10593 Imaging fat signal suppressed indicator

Indicator as to whether or not fat signal was suppressed in imaging acquisition

Supplemental Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12448 Polysomnography end tidal carbon dioxide measured indicator

Indicator of whether end-Tidal CO2 (ETCO2) was measured in the polysomnography being reported

Supplemental Polysomnography Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C18851 Respiratory support ventilation mode other text

The free-text field related to 'Respiratory support ventilation mode type' specifying other text. Type of mode of ventilation for the support ventilation device used

Supplemental Respiratory Interventions Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12606 Health insurance private group type

Type of private or group health insurance, if any, in which the participant/subject is currently enrolled

Supplemental Social Status Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12307 Ulna length measure tool name

Instrument used to measure ulna length

Supplemental Pulmonary Function Testing Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C10851 Grip strength test indicator

Indicator whether the grip strength testing was done

Exploratory Grip Strength Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12259 Biopsy and autopsy inflammation type

Perivascular inflammation is focused around blood vessels, whereas diffuse inflammation also spreads across the muscle tissue. Inflammatory cells identified include lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, and eosinophils. At times, microorganisms can be identified and should be mentioned

Supplemental Muscle Biopsy and Autopsy Tissue Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C17964 Pulmonic stenosis regurgitation comment text

The text detailing the comments of the degree of stenosis and regurgitation for the pulmonic valve

Supplemental Echocardiogram Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C04511 ECG QT interval

Interval in milliseconds (msec) from the start of the Q wave to the end of the T wave (QT interval) for the electrocardiogram (EKG) being reported

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Electrocardiogram (ECG) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12940 Birth head circumference value

Circumferential measurement of the head at the widest point taken at birth - the distance from above the eyebrows and ears and around the back of the head

Supplemental Prenatal and Perinatal History Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12188 Dual X-ray absorptiometry distal femur Z score

Dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) distal femur Z score result value

Supplemental Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12867 Echocardiogram left ventricular trabeculation status

Status of the trabecular layer being greater than 2:1 or less than 2:1 the thickness of the compact layer as assessed by echocardiography

Supplemental Echocardiogram Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12230 Tissue specimen collection date and time

Date (and time if applicable and known) when the tissue specimen was collected

Supplemental Skin Biopsies for Qualification of Intraepidermal Nerve Fibers Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12769 Electrophysiology long pre-exercise compound muscle action potential time

The time intervals used to measure compound muscle action potential (CMAP) during post-exercise for the long exercise test

Supplemental Electrophysiology Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12937 Cardiovascular Holter exam symptom description text

Description of symptoms documented during arrhythmias detected during the Holter examination

Supplemental Holter Examination Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C01550 Temperature measurement anatomic site

Anatomic site on or within the body where the temperature was measured

Supplemental Vital Signs Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12858 Cardiac MRI other cardiac anatomy evaluate name

Name of other cardiac anatomy that was evaluated by cardiac MRI

Supplemental Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12726 Electrophysiology repetitive nerve postactivation amplitude measurement

Measurement, in mV, of the amplitude of the postactivation being described at the time specified for the repetitive nerve study being recorded

Supplemental Electrophysiology Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C17905 Biopsy and autopsy abnormal storage material text

Text describing biopsy or autopsy material that has been stored abnormally

Supplemental Peripheral Nerves - Biopsies and Autopsies Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12544 Imaging anatomical reference orientation value

Value, in degrees, of the orientation of the anatomical reference image sequence in the scan being reported

Supplemental Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C12394 Respiratory tidal volume measurement

Measurement of the tidal volume of the support ventilation device

Supplemental Respiratory Interventions Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C10927 Imaging inversion time

The time period between the 180° inversion pulse and the 90° excitation pulse in an Inversion Recovery pulse sequence

Supplemental Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
C18873 Gene mutation detected digenic result specify

The free-text field related to 'Gene mutation detected result type'. Type of gene mutation detected

Supplemental-Highly Recommended Mutation Analysis Neuromuscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD)
Displaying 176 - 200 of 1106

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