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Questions on Life Satisfaction - Movement Disorder (QLS-MD) and Deep Brain Stimulation (QLS-DBS) Modules
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Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Short Description of Instrument
The QLS-MD is a disease-specific measure intended to evaluate the effects of having a movement disorder on quality of life. It consists of 12 items, each rated twice: once for relative importance and once for satisfaction. The QLS- DBS module is designed specifically to evaluate the effect of deep brain stimulation on life satisfaction/satisfaction with health and is therefore only appropriate for patients undergoing deep brain stimulation. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the movement disorders (MD) module.
The QLS-MD and QLS-DBS are part of a family of multidimensional, modular questionnaires, the questions on life satisfaction modules (QLSM) developed in Germany by some of the same authors. The QLSM has been validated in a representative sample of 7796 individuals in Germany, and has been translated into UK English, US English, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. With a total of 16 items, QLSM covers aspects of general life and health in two modules. QLS-A is a measure of general life satisfaction, QLS-G measures satisfaction with health. A key feature of this modular questionnaire concept—distinguishing it from other disease specific, self rating questionnaires—is that each item is weighted according to its relative importance to the individual.
The two disease-specific modules, QLS-MD and QLS-DBS, were developed simultaneously. The modules are intended to be used together when assessing people with movement disorders who have DBS but they can also be used separately.
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