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STOP Questionnaire
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Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Short Description of Instrument
The STOP Questionnaire was designed in a yes/no format and includes 4 questions related to snoring, daytime sleepiness, stopped breathing during sleep, and hypertension. The acronym represents the way the questions are presented: Snoring, Tired, Observed, Blood Pressure (STOP).
This self-administered questionnaire was based on the Berlin Questionnaire, anesthesiologists and sleep specialists consensus, and a literature review.
Answering yes to 2 or more of the 4 questions indicates high risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
Answering yes to fewer than 2 questions indicates low risk of (OSA).
Comments/Special Instructions
Hoddes E, Zarcone V, Smythe H, Phillips R, Dement WC. Quantification of sleepiness: a new approach. Psychophysiology 1973;10:431-436.
Chung F, Yegneswaran B, Liao P, Chung SA, Vairavanathan S, Islam S, Khajehdehi A, Shapiro CM. STOP Questionnaire: a tool to screen patients for obstructive sleep apnea. Anesthesiology. 2008;108 (5) 812-21.


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