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Infant Sleep Questionnaire
This instrument is not currently available on the NINDS website. For more information, please visit this website: Infant Sleep Questionnaire
Supplemental: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)-Pediatric (ages 12 to 18 months)
Short Description of Instrument
This is a tool that screens for difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep and daytime behavior of infants.
Parent-reported questionnaire
Morrell, J. M. B. (1994). The Infant Sleep Questionnaire: A New Tool to Assess Infant Sleep Problems for Clinical and Research Purposes. Child Psychol Psych Rev, 4(1), 20– 26.
Other References:
Morrell, J. M. (1999). The role of maternal cognitions in infant sleep problems as assessed by a new instrument, the maternal cognitions about infant sleep questionnaire. J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 40(2), 247–258.
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