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Brief Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (BITSEA)
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: Brief Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment
Supplemental – Highly Recommended: Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Supplemental: Mitochondrial Disease (Mito) and Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)
Short Description of Instrument
The Brief Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (BITSEA) is based on the Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (ITSEA). This test is a screening test used to assess social or emotional behavior and is appropriate for children ages 1–3 years old. This test consists of a 42-item parent form, which addresses the domains of Internalizing (8 items), Externalizing (6 items), and Dysregulation (8 Items), behaviors that may indicate autism spectrum disorder (17 items), and other psychopathologies (14 items). In addition to the parent form, there is a child care provider assessment form.
The BITSEA Parent Form takes 5 to 7 minutes to complete as a questionnaire and 7 to 10 minutes as an interview.
The BITSEA yields a Problem Total Score and a Competence Total Score (M=100, SD=15). The response categories are: Not true/ Rarely (scored=0), Somewhat true/ Sometimes (score=1), and Very true/Often (score=2). There is also a “no opportunity” code which allows raters to indicate that they have not had an opportunity to observe the behavior; this code should be used instead of a zero. Master’s degree is required
for scoring.
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