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Florida Obsessive Compulsive Inventory (FOCI)
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Supplemental: HD
Short Description of Instrument
Summary/Overview  of  Instrument:  Self  report  questionnaire  that  has  Checklist  for symptom enumeration and Severity Scale.
Construct measured: Obsessions and compulsions.
Generic vs. disease specific: Generic.
Intended use of instrument/ purpose of tool: Evaluation of severity of obsessive and compulsive symptoms.
Means of administration: Paper and pencil, electronic online version available.
Location of administration: Clinic or home.
Intended respondent: Patient.
# of items: Checklist (20 items), Severity Scale (5 items).
# of subscales and names of sub-scales: 2 – Checklist and Severity Scale.
Psychometric Properties
Reliability: Test-retest or intra-interview (within rater) reliability (as applicable): N/A Inter-interview (between-rater) reliability (as applicable): N/A Internal consistency: very good, alpha = 0.89. Statistical methods used to assess reliability: Not available.
Validity: Content validity: Not available. Construct validity: Very good; high correlation with Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. Not available.
Sensitivity to Change/Ability to Detect Change (over time or in response to an intervention): Aldea et al, 2009-Severity Scale showed lower scores over time in response to an intervention.
Known Relationships to Other Variables: (e.g. gender, education, age, etc): N/A.
Diagnostic Sensitivity and Specificity, if applicable: (in general population, HD population- premanifest/ manifest, other disease groups):
Availability (copyright): Available for free online but note: The FOCI cannot be reprinted, reproduced or modified without written permission of Dr. Goodman wayne.goodman@mssm.edu. Likewise, those individuals interested in clinical or research use of the FOCI need to obtain permission from Dr. Goodman.
Special Requirements for administration: None.
Administration Time: 15-20 minutes.
Translations available (e.g. Spanish, French, Other languages): N/A.
Scoring: For Checklist: yes or no responses, no total score, just rating presence of a symptom; For Severity Scale, add total for items 1-5 to get severity measure.
Standardization of  scores  to  a  reference  population  (z  scores,  T  scores,  etc):  Not available.
If scores  have  been  standardized  to  a  reference  population,  indicate  frame  of reference for scoring (general population, HD subjects, other disease groups, etc): N/A
Storch EA, Kaufman DA, Bagner D, Merlo LJ, Shapira NA, Geffken GR, Murphy TK, Goodman WK. Florida Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory: development, reliability, and validity. J Clin Psychol. 2007 Sep;63(9):851-9.
Other References:
Aldea MA, Geffken GR, Jacob ML, Goodman WK, Storch EA. Further psychometric analysis of the Florida Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory. J Anxiety Disord. 2009 Jan;23(1):124-9.
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